Embrace the Future - Time Traveling is going to the past, present and future creates = Anxiety

Embrace the future - Accept the Past, Embrace the Future, and Live in the Present

Embrace Your Inner Telegraph - Be Telegraphic

Listen to only to that which is significant - Drown out the rest

Read only that which is meaningful - disregard the rest

Speak only that which is to the point - cut the bullshit and use your words wisely

Make your each word your heart - and engage your heart brain

Don't just go on saying things - Just shut up when your done flowing truths

As if you are a microphone and you need to speak only that of which is needed to be heard!

When your fears about your future play in your mind - what do you do?  Do they prevent you from fully enjoying the present.  Make a list of specific fears you have about the future. In doing this you "externalize" your fears, emptying them from your mind.  Now that your mind is free, throw your list away---- It has no place in your life anymore and it is done interrupting today!

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