It all happens for a reason...

Vision:  To create a loved-based culture of individual and collective creative expression - respect with balance.


Mission:  To create a bridge to transcend the limited self instantly and consistantly so that we may live a more peaceful, empowered, vibrant life!  


Core Values: 

  • Unbending Integrity: We never compromise the spirit of love for the temporary gain of the material.  We are dedicated to serving at the highest ethical levels. This is why we use only the best, most consciously sourced, fresh, non-gmo ingredients.
  • Unconditional Love: Selfless Service that nourishes all and all goes beyond the calling.

  • Personal Responsibility: We take personal and business growth into our own hands, always growing and evolving into our innate potential.
  • Whole-istic: We recognize that everything is connected and that what we think, eat, breath should be pure and loving.  We are a team and we are all here for one another.

  • Balance: Rejoice in finding the bast ways to balance your life. If helping you shed some darkness in exchange for some light is in your journey; than join us.  


Whole-istic & Unconditional love- We use balance in every aspect of creation, formulation, production, execution and most importantly intention to outcome similarity & alignment.  

The most important values we believe in:

*We are not in a race; time is relative and we have to use our gifts because stagnant energy doesn't benefit anyone.  

*Universal code of conduct include: honesty, integrity, love, communication and constant evolution.  

Our Service-oriented, balanced, personal responsibility approach is our goal and daily mantra.