Pineal Gland's are a prime target for the human population

Pineal Gland's are a prime target for the human population


Up until 1990’s, there was nearly no research done on the pineal gland, in other words, our third eye. An ancient knowledge long forgotten, or neglected, resurfaced with the tireless efforts of a British scientist Jennifer Luke who published the results of her research proving that the fluoride deposits were accumulating in the pineal gland causing it to calcify and thus causing many mental and physical illnesses. Most importantly, fluoride decreases melatonin production. Why is this important?


Melatonin regulates our sleep pattern, it plays an important role in our sexual development but most of all, it is the bridge between our body and our mind. Our spiritual development is also connected to our physical well being. This is why we make certain changes in our diets not just to simply lose weight but to also consume the healthy foods that benefit our physical health. You can not expect to have a healthy mind if you do not have a healthy body. Therefore, you can not grow spiritually if you do not take good care of your body through good diet, exercise and meditation.


There are many theories about the presence of fluoride in our food, our medications and certain things we use on a daily basis. One of the most well known goes back to the Nazi Germany and their practice of fluoridating the water in order to better control the population. Apparently, they knew that a calcified pineal gland would create mentally and spiritually weakened population for the Nazi government to practice their inhumane and cruel tortures on the prisoners.


Before we dive deeper, let us take a look at some of the most common things we consume daily that contain fluoride:

  • Water

  • Pesticides used in farming

  • Processed foods and beverages

  • Dental products like toothpaste, tooth filling etc.

  • Antidepressant medications

  • Teflon pans

  • Industrial chemicals

As you can see from the above list, maintaining an organic food based diet is more important than you might think. Not just antidepressants but also lots of other medications contain fluoride and this is why it is necessary to improve our physical health to overcome our illnesses so we do not have to depend on a lifestyle that forces us to consume and use fluoride based products.


How can we cleanse our body from fluoride in order to become healthier and to improve the connection between our body and our mind so we can maintain a decalcified pineal gland? Here are some quick tips:

  • Consume foods rich in iodine like, seaweed, Himalayan salt, fermented foods.

  • Use curcumin (a component found in turmeric which is highly effective in detoxifying your body from fluoride)

  • Get a good water filter if you are using tap water. Not all water filters get rid of fluoride so before you buy one, make sure you choose a brand that gets rid of fluoride in your water.

  • Use fluoride free toothpaste, or use small amounts of toothpaste and thoroughly rinse your mouth after you brush your teeth.

  • If you need dental treatment, opt for fluoride free solutions.

  • Avoid processed food at all cost, consume fresh and organic food.

  • Do not cook with teflon products.

  • Use Himalayan salt

  • Exercise regularly. Sweating helps your body release the toxins.

  • Increase your magnesium intake.

  • Avoid taking medications that contain fluoride.

  • Increase your selenium intake by eating, nuts (Brazil nuts mostly) together with other foods that are high in vitamin C.


Now let’s take a closer look at what actually fluoride does to our pineal gland and how it impacts us spiritually and mentally. Fluoride is now being recognized as a neurotoxic chemical that affects our developmental health. One of its side effects is lowering the IQ levels in children and also causing ADHD. When we consume products that contain fluoride, it goes to our blood stream, finds its way into our bones and pineal gland. Especially in pregnant women, this can be a risk factor as it plays an important role in brain’s development.


As we mentioned above, fluoride was highly used by the Nazis to keep the prisoners passive in concentration camps. This results in decreased learning capability and poor memory. When our brains are not able to function properly, we are more prone to autoimmune disorders, a weakened immune system and poor physical health. Mind and body go hand in hand. If one is suffering the other will not be able to fight the stress. Fluoride also lowers our energy levels. When we don’t have enough energy, our metabolism slows down, instead of consuming healthy foods (because they require us to prepare them and since we lack the energy to cook we go for the fast and unhealthy options), we eat processed foods. Of course we don’t have to start counting the bad side effects of a diet that contains mostly processed foods, sugar, bad carbs and bad fats. The whole thing is a chain reaction if you will. Before we know it, we are part of the weak masses.


Think of pineal gland as a sponge. Why do we say that? Because it absorbs much more fluoride than our blood and our bones do. Fluoride will eventually cause calcification in our pineal gland. Like a faucet clogged with too much calcium and can not pass enough water before it is cleaned, our pineal gland will not be able to function fully when it is clogged. A mal functioning pineal gland can cause sleep problems, weight gain, early start of menstruation in girls etc.


Pineal gland also regulates the levels of serotonin and dopamin. These two hormones are closely tied to our mood. When our brains can not produce enough serotonin and dopamin we suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, lack of motivation, low energy, anger and problems with focusing among many other things.


All these health issues we talked about will reduce our ability to achieve spiritual growth. This is the most important part of the problem. If you think about most of the medications prescribed for a wide variety of diseases including depression and anxiety, they contain high levels of fluoride yes, but they also contain synthetic hormones that temper with our brain’s natural ability to produce these hormones. Once we introduce synthetic hormones to our bodies, our pineal gland loses its function. When we close our eyes, we can not see, this is a simple fact. Our pineal gland is our third eye. When it is damaged, our third eye is also closed. This is the mind’s eye, our path to higher consciousness, spiritual awareness and self awakening. No amount of meditation, efforts of positivity or spiritual practices can help us go any further if we don’t deal with the source of the problem. If you ever find yourself helplessly meditating but not making any progress, trying to do all you can to open your third eye chakra to no avail, if you can not improve your physical and mental health no matter how hard you try this is why. Because you are overlooking the most important step in the process.

But now that you know where to start and which steps to follow, make a good plan for yourself including a healthy diet along with exercise and meditation. There is no doubt this was a long lost knowledge because we have now a lot of historical and archeological proof showing that almost all ancient civilisations were aware of its function and its role in spiritual awareness. We are now rediscovering this long lost secret. In ancient civilisations, pineal gland was associated with powers like psychic abilities, supernatural powers. It was also associated with sexuality, body’s biorhythm, mysticism, intuition or sixth sense. Today, we also call it the sixth chakra. Now, science shows us what our ancestors knew centuries ago was in fact true.