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Our Product:  3rd Eye Tonic® is named for the message it delivers through a mindful synergistic formulation using the most ethical an highest vibrational ingredients. 3rd eye tonic is a community based organic elixer and herbal infusions reflect the pristine and delicate environment from which they hail. The 3rd eye tonic only sources the highest quality ingredients, ethically sourced and bottled in recycled glass, with recycled labels. Into the higher vibrations of living mindfully, health conscious individuals desire healthy ways of connection, 3rd eye tonic was made with care for the new millennium. Since then, the plant teachers have been encouraged and nurtured by Mother Nature’s own blessings. The result: exquisite organic elixers unlike any you’ve experienced before. Fresh. High Vibrational. balancing, and energetic.

Social Mission: 3rd Eye Tonic sought an enterprise that would give the most people a living wage while protecting/strengthening the environment. The 3rd Eye Tonic brand has established revolutionary education, health and volunteer programs for the people who will be building the awareness of both concious living and meditation. All sales of 3rd eye tonic contribute to this mission, helping to better the lives of all of humanity; we will be working with and donating Tonic and a 10% portion of sales to bring awareness to Vippassana Meditation.

Here are some of the reasons customers prefer the 3rd Eye Tonic affiliate program:

Sugar Free Healthy Tonics 

Sugar Free Healthy Tonics 

Healthy Tonics For You Too

Why wait? Join our 3rd Eye Tonic Affiliate Program now and start earning money right away through a partnership with us. The sign up process is very quick and easy; just contact our Customer Service Department for how you can sign up and be a part of our 3rd Eye Tonic community and learn how to curate community events supported through 3rd eye tonic!

Education Workshops/Free Live evens and Retreats

Education Workshops/Free Live evens and Retreats

Healthy Knowledge for You Too

How it Works

You will have access to learning how to set up free events, online workshops, if you are a yoga teacher, healer, shaman, cacao connaseur, tantric teacher or ecstatic dancer--this tonic is made for you.  You will also be a member of 3rd eye tonic once you become an active affiliate and will be given free badges to all events and discounts on retreats. Affiliates get a set 20% commission for every sale that is made through their site. All you have to do is place a text link or banner on your site and when a customer clicks through and makes a purchase, you get a commission. We offer free tracking tools, notification of specials/sales, free coupons and more for our affiliates.

Build a High Vibrational Business of your own

Build a High Vibrational Business of your own

Healthy Daily Practices that spread love for yourself and others

We give you access to all the tools--Includes In-Person and Online training


Our commission rate is 20% with a cookie duration of 30 days! That means, you get a commission on any purchase made within those 30 days from that same customer, even if that customer goes directly to our site! The cookie will still track that customer and credit you the sale. It’s that simple.