Cacao Practitioners Program - Training

Cacao Practitioners Program - Training

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Neil Ryan Dumra - Founder of 3rd Eye Tonic; creates the tonic with sovereign loving and healing energy. He adds an alchemical blend of spices, herbs and flowers. If you are interested in becoming a 3rd Eye Cacao Ambassador - You are welcome to join the two day workshop.

Each workshop Includes:

- all access to recipes and the process of making Ceremonial Cacao Elixirs

- access to Practitioner Pricing to Nacional Cacao from Ecuador Sourced in Collaboration with the Rainforest Partnership.

- The opportunity to become an ambassador of both 3rd Eye tonic & the Rainforest Partnership

- Alchemical Integration - a course, packed with tools for ceremony, activation and shifting energy, blockages, DNA, RNA and reprogramming the whole being through shamanic, eastern and Vedic tools.

Celebrating 100% pure ceremonial grade cacao is a community building tool for creating the “love culture” and is 3rd Eye Tonics mission and way of spreading joy and love.  The Rainforest Partnership has been a big support in creating the Cacao Practitioner Program to help inspire and support others who have also been called to share the magic of cacao with their communities.

Only together, can we meet our goal of returning 100% pure ceremonial grade cacao to the world!

The 3rd Eye Cacao Practitioner Program provides access to the Ecuador’s beautiful and protected Amazon, the Sunny Isla Eco-lodge and with helping co-create the circular economy of giving back to the people who protect the forest. You will also have direct wholesale pricing for Nacional cacao at a price much below retail.  You will generate income through your cacao rituals, by reselling 3rd eye cacao, you are also helping the Amazon and creating the love culture that raises the vibration and frequency of our planet and our beings. You will be able to also sell 3rd Eye cacao and receive a commission as an affiliate buy filling out the form below!  The program will also provide you with unique access to The alchemy taught by Neil Ryan Dumra, access to workshops at the 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge & Elixir bar & all access to events and retreats hosted by 3rd eye healing.

If this is in alignment with you and your reason for bringing Cacao to yourself and the world around you; we would like to connect with you.  Please complete the application below.  We will contact you with detailed information about the practitioners program and for you to review and next step in joining our team.  We only accept a integral Practitioners each month, and we appreciate your desire to join our movement. 

We are looking forward to connecting with you and learning, evolving and growing together!

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