Alchemical Integrationā„¢ - Whole Being Evolution

Alchemical Integrationā„¢ - Whole Being Evolution

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Alchemical Integrationā„¢ training approach is the embodiement of the tools for alchemical flow activation of full body, mind, spirit integration. This program is for anyone who is already looking for activation of the inherent tools we have and continue the process of evolution into higher consciousness, elevated vibration, and integrated healthy Sadhana Practices that are life enhancing - with respect to the ancient alchemy, and the Human Untapped DNA, with synergy bringing life to the being that is already connected with your authentic truth higher I am self.

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It is the path of ritual and perhaps the most misunderstood path. Some may think of Tantra Yoga as sorcery, witchcraft, magic spell or some mysterious formula. Most people perceive Tantra Yoga as sexual. All of these perceptions are far from the truth. Tantra is the knowledge concerning Tattva (Truth) and Mantra (mystic syllables). It utilizes rituals to respectfully experience the sacred in everything we do, not just sex though sex is a part of it. It aims to expand our awareness in all states ā€“ whether awake or asleep. Tantra Yoga practitioners must have purity, humility, devotion, courage, dedication your inner Guru, cosmic love, faithfulness, contentment, dispassion, non-covetousness, and truthfulness.


Higher Guidance Psychic & Metaphysical Services: working with your personal Higher-Power, Higher-Self, Guardians & Guides, ArchAngels, Angels, Ascended Masters.


Utilizing the wide range of extrasensory abilitiesā€”including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudienceā€”and incorporating key aspects of inner child and shadow work,The Completion Process takes an entirely different approach.Ā  It invites negative emotion to act as a doorway through which you can connect with the aspects of yourself that are lost or unresolved.Ā  A modern-day soul retrieval process,Ā The Completion Process quite simply allows you to put yourself back together again. Ā