Juice Society

We partnered with local juice company Juice Society to provide you the highest quality, raw, organic, cold-pressed juices. Our cold-pressed juices will never be compromised with plastic bottles, high pressure processing (HPP) or pasteurization. We're committed to providing only the freshest product to our community because who wants to drink a 45-day old juice? The cold-press method is the healthiest, most nutritionally beneficial technique to making juice and one of the easiest ways to add to overall better health. At Juice Society, the commercial cold-press machines use hydraulic pressure to extract the juice from locally sourced, organic fruits and vegetables. This process enables us to extract 5X the amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes compared to standard juicers without heating up, aerating or compromising the nutritional density of the juice.

West china tea co.

We source our Pu'erh tea from a local retailer in Austin TX. They import teas directly from China and cultivate relationships with the farmers personally. We only use organic tea in our products to ensure quality and health.


Satya Life

Satya Life is an ever-expanding endeavor, but the primary mission is to help you live the most joyful, vibrant and conscious life possible!  Amie Wylder works with clients on an individual and group basis, offering holistic healing arts modalities to support the whole self.  

To inquire about scheduling and further details on any of these offerings, please email Amie directly at amie@satya.life

Herbs & harmony

Plant Based | Pescatarian | Gluten Free | Paleo | AIP

Herbs and Harmony is a vision for a higher vibrational community. Using only the freshest ingredients from local markets and organic farms located in Austin, Texas. Specializing in dietary and allergen restrictions like Auto-Immune, Celiac, Soy-Free Vegan and more! Customized to your nutritional needs, weekly pre-packaged meals, dinner parties, cooking classes, grocery store tours, and Ayurvedic guidelines for a healthier you! From vegan baking, to a beautiful farm-to-table experience, event decorating, and delivery services;

Herbs & Harmony is a complete, nutritional, sustainable, and delicious choice! 

the Perfect Headshot & Yannick Rohrer Photography

First Impressions are everything. In this day and age it's important to represent your visual online presence properly. Booking with The Perfect Headshot will ensure you or your employee's look their best. Whether you are an entrepreneur, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 business - The Perfect Headshot will make sure others take you and your employees seriously. 

The Perfect Headshot's photography studio is located near the downtown austin area for individual, or small group bookings. For larger business and groups, a mobile studio can be brought to your business location and set up with no reduction in image quality.

Images are delivered within one week of shoot. Express image delivery available.