Machiko Makabe 


Hello my name is Machiko Makabe.
Do you suffer from anxiety, feeling lost, or over reacting in your relationships? Shame, anger, depression,emotional numbness? You’ve tried any healing modalities and yet still feeling struggle?
I could help you.

I have been certified in Completion Process by Teal Swan, a modality of deep emotional traumas to gather the broken pieces of yourself, back to who you are, you feeling more whole, complete as yourself.

How does the session work?

When you feel triggered by people or in any situations such as in your relationships, work place, family issues... I guide you with present,patient and compassion through any kinds of painful emotions back to the causation of the wounds. I fully holding space for your emotional distress to integrate original painful emotions.

Mechanism of Mind and Emotions

When we were first born in this life, we experience our lives through felt perception before age 8. (After age 8,people to capacity to think about life, not experiencing somatically in general)

When you had have memory that comes from the time period in childhood where you experience either world felt through perception. You are not going to able to get there through your mind images. That’s why your mind cannot cognitively remember but your emotions does.
“Emotions translate sensation”

Cover Emotions
Numbness(Dissociation) Grief,Shock

Anger Fear
Rage Powerlessness
Hatred Hurt


You will able to observe and detach from any situations that caused you to feel triggered

Part of your self love

Decreasing overreactions

Less taking anything personally

You will clearly define your emotional patterns

And you can distinctly see and evolve your relationship dynamics