3rd A.M Tonic - Seratonin Activating Formula

3rd A.M Tonic - Seratonin Activating Formula

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Each 8 oz Container contains 2-4 servings

Our A.M. Tonic contains the following raw organic ingredients:

• Beet • Lemon • Turmeric • Ginger • Coconut water  

• Noni  • Bentonite Clay • Ashwaganda

• St. John’s Wort

• inositol

• Epipactis Gigantea

• Lo-Han fruit extract.  

• Ellianthus Capitatus


This deliciously fresh, cold pressed formula ignites solar energy, stimulating naturally occurring serotonin and tryptophan a precursor to serotonin activation.  Bring the warmth of golden light into your day! Each bottle has Epipactis Gigantea (Peruvian orchid flower - pituitary master) & Ellianthus Capitatus (pineal light infusion) orchid flower creating a balance stimulation for repair of these very important glands. Namaste!



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3rd A.M Tonic - Serotonin Activating Formula

Our A.M Tonic is made from 100% organic ingredients. It is deliciously fresh and cold pressed with an excellent mixture of Beet, Lemon, Turmeric and Ginger to make it a healthy drink that naturally stimulates your body to produce serotonin. Besides that, these ingredients have been carefully researched and handpicked due to the amazing health benefits they offer. They contain high proportions of phytonutrients that act as anti-inflammatory substances to prevent diseases and helps your body to stay on track. 

What has made our Serotonin Activating Formula the go-to choice for everyone who desires a better health is the inclusion of Epipactis Gigantea and Ellianthus Capitatus. These are two ingredients that cause the brain to stimulate and produce defensive glands that fight against indigestion, constipation, stomach ulcer, menstrual problems as well as improve your overall health.